Quality control


The quality control process begins when a new project is implemented. It is then determined the technology of production based on technical drawings and individual customer requirements. First, a trial batch is produced and delivered together with the trials measurement report. During mass production - after the customer accepts the trial batch, quality control takes place at every stage of production. From casting, through machining, to shipping. During casting, quality control focuses on detecting casting defects such as: defeciences, swirls, cracks, presence and correctness of installed cores forming holes.


The measuring instruments used for inspection:

  Electronic calipers

  2 and 3 point bore gauges 


  Dial indicator gauge

  Digital dial gauge for measuring the depth and width


  Screw gauge


  Cross Hatch Cutter

                 To solve quality problems, we use tools such as: 8D Report, 5Why, Ishikawa Diagram.