Our Company has been providing our customers with top-quality pressure castings and sand castings for many years now. Additionally, we offer casting tools and sanding and CNC machining services. The aluminium foundry, which is the heart of our business, operates on the basis of the most advanced technologies. We use top-quality tools, which guarantee fast and efficient work. We produce our castings on 7 cold-chamber machines, supervised by experienced and well-qualified staff.

The pressure foundry of aluminium, however, is not the only thing we have in store. Another equally important pillar of our business is sand castings. The castings made in this technology do not obtain a surface which is as smooth as that of pressure castings; nevertheless, they allow to implement production quickly, as well as to create much heavier details. We are proud to see our products delivered abroad and we would like to gradually increase our export of both pressure and sand castings. Our offer includes also CNC machining as a metal treatment method. The top quality of our services is guaranteed by lathes operating in four and five axes, which make sure that the machining process is incredibly precise and quick.

We address our services to companies operating in diversified business sectors. Most of all, our partners derive from the electrotechnical sector, construction, machine sector, as well many other industries. If you appreciate top quality and good business partnership, avail yourself of the services provided by our modern pressure foundry of aluminium and our sand foundry.