Die Castings

In our company we manufacture pressure castings:

   from aluminium alloys

   of unit weight up to 4 kg

   in medium and large batches


   with different degrees of finish

   with delivery to the customer

   at competitive prices


Depending on the customer’s requirements, additionally we can offer:


  application of coatings 

   printing prototype elements

   3D scanning of castings


Production process



We implement casting production on the basis of the customer’s technical documentation or on the basis of a provided model that we 3D scan. Having specified all the features of a given detail with the customer, we forward their documentation to one of several experienced tool shops we cooperate with. Together we develop a design of a mould in order to obtain its optimal structure. Next, the tool shop produces the tool according to a set schedule, which we monitor on a regular basis. When the mould is ready and the test batch has been produced, we send the castings to the customer for approval or we 3D scan them so as to verify their dimensions. After approval we launch the serial production. It is a very efficient process, supervised by a group of our experienced operatives, who work on the machines, supervise subsequent production stages, and inspect products in order to detect defects, if any.



50 employees at the pressure foundry department


Area of the pressure foundry hall: 1000 m2


Number of pressure machines: 7 

Clamping force 100 to 560T

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